Rules of the road

by tom on May 15, 2005

OK, So I’ve set up this blog as a public location to discuss networks, social software, and other emerging technologies affect politics, media, human security and conflict resolution. Posts will naturally veer into other subjects or seem tangential at times but the subheading at the top of the page really describes what I am focusing on. That said, I’ll probably air ideas on the interplay between them and US domestic politics (an interest of mine!)

How long will this last and how frequent the posts I don’t know. I’m planning on posting once a day and test to see if I can acquire a ‘blog-voice.’ Comments and emails are welcome. I can’t promise to respond to all and I will immediately delete any comments that I regard as offensive or inappropriate.

I hope these ideas will provoke vigorous discussion so please don’t hesitate to disagree with what I write.


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