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This website is the personal / professional web site for me (Tom Glaisyer).

It addresses principally my professional interest around the interplay between digital infrastructure, its use, and democratic institutions in society.  My hypothesis is that as new communications tools (the social web, the semantic web, geo-sensitive, time-sensitive devices etc.) are adopted the institutions of democracy (the media, governance institutions and NGO’s) will be challenged to transform themselves and accommodate the networked context in which they now find themselves. Necessarily, this leads me to investigate the emerging infrastructure both legal, and technical as I explore the institutional changes that are likely both changing organizational structures and related processes. My research wiki addresses my core interests and contains many of my writings, the virtual thirdside wiki is conceived as a place to collaborate with others interested in these questions but as they relate to international peace and security. (It is currently dormant.) For a resume/bio click here.

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