OK…..so what should be added to this blog

January 9, 2006

After our discussions last Wednesday I’ve finally got round to tidying the blog up and removing things from it that don’t make sense as this blog morphs into a collaborative venture with multiple authors. The next question is – What should be added? Drop ideas in the comments…….

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So… How is it possible to present random photos

January 1, 2006

See below… grab a flickr badge from here and if you click below you’ll see the outcome.

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Social Software in the Classroom

September 7, 2005

Using social software in the classroom is an interest of mine. What role can social software play in an educational environment? Can it aid learning? Traditional technology employed in the class room – the chalk and board, and more recently PowerPoint have all been focused on aiding the teacher in explaining , and teaching. What […]

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MMOGS – An important phenomenon

June 15, 2005

As the second post for this site it might appear to be a little odd to be thinking about Massively multiplayer online games but I think they are important for several reasons 1. They raise questions that blur the line between a real and virtual world. My understanding is that in some of these games, […]

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Rules of the road

May 15, 2005

OK, So I’ve set up this blog as a public location to discuss networks, social software, and other emerging technologies affect politics, media, human security and conflict resolution. Posts will naturally veer into other subjects or seem tangential at times but the subheading at the top of the page really describes what I am focusing […]

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